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BangDB is designed and developed from ground up to align with the current and future data trend such that users, developers should be able to solve the relevant problems in simple, cost effective and accelerated time to market manner. BangDB is a converged NoSQL database which natively supports and provides AI and streaming services. With streaming in built into the database, it is very easy to ingests events and process these Timeseries data in continuous manner to find interesting patterns and act in real time. AI which is right there where the data is, allows users to deal with predictive part in a simple and automated manner.

BangDB Main Constructs

Following are the high level components of core BangDB. These are available in both community and enterprise versions of the BangDB.


BangDB High Level Features


BangDB High Level Comparison


BangDB Stack


BangDB has been built from ground up in order to align with the data trend and upcoming use cases which are quite different from the traditional ones. Below is the design goals for BangDB

  • Data from devices is increasing exponentially and it must be analysed in real-time
  • Need for Edge computing which is connected with Cloud in seamless manner
  • True unstructured data processing is the key. We need to deal with opaque data, JSON documents, Large files and object, and Timeseries events all in a single database
  • Stream processing is must to extract the value from the data as soon as possible, Complex event processing for pattern and anomaly detection should be continuously done
  • AI is becoming natural part of every use case. We need to train models and do predictions on incoming events/data in continuous and automated manner
  • Graph processing is required to bring in the context to improve the ML model efficiency and for extraction of latent inherent intelligence within the data
  • We can't just do in-memory processing, it's not feasible and scalable. It's very costly too. Hence, we must go out of RAM and still remain high on performance
  • We must scale in linear manner. Which means, BangDB should work inside a device in an embedded manner, then it should also work in Client/Server model and finally it should be fully distributed across different machines for scale
  • The server should be able to manage 10000+ concurrent connections from clients. Server should work in hybrid mode serving both TCP and HTTP(S) requests
  • DB core should have complete control on the data that it's processing. Hence it must implement its own Buffer Pool and Page Cache
  • DB should be crash proof, should recover data automatically, should support transaction


Download and use freely, in unlimited manner under OSS3
Complete access to all the features* and capabilities of the db
Participate in building tools, clients, apps etc. for community and beyond
Publish apps in the appstore (of IQLECT) and earn as others download
Evangelise, train, speak, present, talk, write, publish about BangDB


Chose from existing licenses or create custom license as per requirement
Dashboard, Deep learning, pre baked apps for various domains etc. as well
Partner, co-develop, white label solutions, access to team when needed etc.
Enterprise support for the db, solutions and tools. KT and training
Feature addition & bug fixes, version support, joint GTM, partnership

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