BangDB NoSql – BangDB = NoSQL + AI + Stream

BangDB NoSql



BangDB is designed and developed from ground up to align with the current and future data trend such that users, developers should be able to solve the relevant problems in simple, cost effective and accelerated time to market manner. BangDB is a converged NoSQL database which natively supports and provides AI and streaming services. With streaming in built into the database, it is very easy to ingests events and process these timeseries data in continuous manner to find interesting patterns and act in real time. AI which is right there where the data is, allows users to deal with predictive part in a simple and automated manner.

BangDB community version is freely available for download and unlimited usage as required under OSS3 license model. This has full fledged database with all AI and streaming capabilities. One can download and simply use it as per their need. We have enough documents, sample programs and test files available to the users or developers to get started immediately and build powerful solutions or solve problems.

The enterprise version has inbuilt support from the company which could be availed for various purposes. IQLECT may also partner to do co-development on BangDB as needed in the case. Further we also provide an interactive dashboard for building apps or solutions without doing coding. The ability to develop and distribute apps comes inbuilt in this license model. Finally BangDB has deep learning modules as well, which is available only with enterprise license



Download and use freely, in unlimited manner under OSS3
Complete access to all the features* and capabilities of the db
Participate in building tools, clients, apps etc. for community and beyond
Publish apps in the appstore (of IQLECT) and earn as others download
Evangelise, train, speak, present, talk, write, publish about BangDB


Chose from existing licenses or create custom license as per requirement
Dashboard, Deep learning, pre baked apps for various domains etc. as well
Partner, co-develop, white label solutions, access to team when needed etc.
Enterprise support for the db, solutions and tools. KT and training
Feature addition & bug fixes, version support, joint GTM, partnership