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Ampere is BangDB data platform on cloud, which allows users to build domain specific apps or solutions using an interactive dashboard. Ampere contains full stack of BangDB, which means it is fully loaded and has all the features that BangDB offers. The platform also has agents and data collectors as needed for different data sources and context. Following is high level overview of the platform. As you see, security is built in from communications over secure layer, data stored in binary format, ability to mask or obfuscate data, BangDB ensures standard security procedure is followed. Further it is GDPR guideline compliant, therefore privacy is also ensured as per standard.
Following is high level overview of the BangDB Stack which is available on Cloud

BangDB Platform

BangDB platform is available on cloud and in on-premise as well. It's a converged data platform where all the necessary elements have been natively integrated within the database. This means that the database has AI, Graph and Stream Processing, Core db constructs, query layer, ingestion layer and serving layer, all stitched natively to provide an off-the-shelf platform for enabling modern use cases. The basic work-flow within the platform from users perspective are following.

  • Sign up with BangDB and get access to the entire platform. The dashboard is typically the entry point but users can use CLI or clients to connect with the database. REST APIs are also available
  • Define a set of schemas and streams for real-time Timeseries data processing. The schema contains all the logic to transform, link, join the events to enrich the data. Further we can define running statistics for continuous patterns and anomaly detections. We can use ML models to predict on set of features for events and do projections or take actions as needed
  • We can create Graph or link Graph with streams to store triples with properties. Then data science can be done on Graph for extracting knowledge. Inherent linkings and connections can provide many different information for further processing
  • Train models using external data or data within the database. Deploy with single click. Predict and measure efficiency. User can bring their own models or event the python files leveraging frameworks like Tensorflow, PyTorch etc.
  • Take action, send notifications, automate processes for various interesting events
  • Visualize the data in real-time and continuously. Define charts, dashboards for rich visualisations

The platform is linked with Appstore, which means users can simply pick the domain specific solution/app, install and ready to go


No-Code Platform

BangDB Ampere provides an interactive dashboard which can be used for building apps (solutions) without writing code, by just using the workflows provided on the dashboard. It can also be used for monitoring and visualising the data in various tables, charts and graphs.

The dashboard has interfaces for all the features within BangDB. It provides ability to create tables, schemas, streams, Graphs, ML models, buckets for files, notification templates and many other details. It also allows user to run SQL like queries for database and streams, along with Cypher query for Graph. The whole purpose of dashboard is to allow user to have full control on the data with different interfaces and entry points.

The dashboard is also linked with Appstore. Appstore is BangDB's own place where several pre-build solutions or apps are hosted. These apps are complete in itself. They implement different use cases for various different domains. For example, e-commerce visitor analysis for higher conversion is an app. Similarly, car sensor data analysis could be another app.

Dashboard uses REST APIs for all the different tasks, which can be used in http or http(s) manner. For all cloud instances, it's always https.


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