IQLECT aims to provide products and solutions in the data space. The team has hands-on and extensive experience in companies like Microsoft and Amazon in the database, distributed computing and analytics domains

We intend to bring disruption in the way data is being handled and analysed as of today. IQLECT is currently working towards BigData buffer with compute co-locate for real time analytics as the solution to handle 3V's of BigData namely Velocity, Variety and Volume

IQLECT aims to build and provide the elastic data framework to deal with high velocity data in linearly scalable and real time manner. In this regard we are building the BangDB, the nosql database in multiple flavors. As of now we have released the embedded version of the BangDB which can be downloaded freely under BSD license Please see the BigPicture to get more detail on this


Data Elasticity, Nosqldb, BigData Buffer, RealTime analytics