BangDB Platform



Ampere is BangDB converged platform, which allows users to build domain specific apps or solutions using an interactive dashboard on cloud or otherwise. The portal is also linked with the AppStore (IQLECT's appstore or solution store) which has many pre-built apps for different domains and set of use cases. Users can simply install these apps, configure them and get started immediately. The apps are nothing but the set of use cases solved along with various KPIs, charts for visualisation, ML models, pattern identification logic and much more. Users get start with full fledged solution in few minutes.The platform also has agents and collectors as needed for different data sources and context.
Following is high level overview of the platform. As you see, security is built in from communications over secure layer, data stored in binary format, ability to mask or obfuscate set of data, BangDB ensures standard security procedure is followed. Further it is GDPR guideline compliant, therefore privacy is also ensured as per standard.



As stated above, on top of BangDB platform, several powerful solutions could be built very easily. The author of the app or solution would not have to code or go through tedious cycle of usual development which takes lots of time. Instead, use the interactive dashboard for creating such apps.
There is an appstore where the apps could then be published so that others can install and use them. Very soon, we will allow developers to build and publish apps and earn money as others download or install


Solutions or apps on AppStore