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server – Install


Install and Run BangDB Server 2.0



Step 1
Get the BangDB2.0 from github or bangdb download
If you take from GitHub then it downloads all the packages and files which my not be necessary for you, hence it’s preferable to download it from the website. Go to download page and select Network, client server model tab.
Then pick the appropriate binary based on your OS (ubuntu16, ubuntu18 or Centos7)

The downloaded tar file will be like this (for ubuntu18)

Untar this file

>tar -xzvf ubuntu18-bangdb-server.tar.gz
Step 2
>cd ubuntu18-bangdb-server
Run the file
>sudo bash
It installs lapack, blas libs and creates soft links to the two libs present in the lib di
Note : BangDB requires python3.6 (on ubuntu18, Centos7 and python 3.5 (on ubuntu16) to be installed)

Step 3

Run the server

There are two ways to run the server, using the server binary directly OR using the helper script
Let's use helper script
> ./bangdb-server start
This will run the server in background, however you may see some logs flushed to the terminal if the param in bangdb.config for log flush is set to 0, to avoid this set the param to 2 and BangDB will write it in the log file. See bangdb-config section to learn more about config
You may check the status of BangDB server using
> ./bangdb-server status
Status 'bangdb-server-2.0' :                  Running
And you may stop the server by
> ./bangdb-server stop
That’s it.
You can also directly run bangdb-server using the binary, it will allow you to provide command line argument as well. But if you use script then these should be set in bangdb.config. To do that you need to go to bin folder and run the server that's it. See bangdb.config for more details
>cd bin

use --help command line arg to see all the options
>./bangdb-server-2.0 --help

There are few parameters that should be set and please see page to learn more.
This is default mode of running the server and kindly see page to learn various configurations and also running servers with added features

Next you should run the benchmark and check all is fine.

Run Benchmark and test

Run bench to see all is good and also typical throughput for the server. Please note this gives bare minimum through put data as single client runs, to check actual IOPS, pls see

Run the server
> ./bangdb-server start
Note: if you see messages flushed on the terminal, pls set BANGDB_APP_LOG=2 in bin/bangdb.config file and restart the db [ stop and start ]
Else, press enter to get the terminal prompt
Go to bench folder, let’s go to cpp folder for now
> cd bench/cpp
Build the test
> bash
This will build a bench file, now run the bench
> ./bench
If you get error regarding loading the libraries, set following;
It will run simple put, get and scan and it’s throughput
Now run the java test, from main folder
> cd bench/java
If java8 is not installed, install it, for ubuntu it may be done using sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk
> bash
> bash

If the BANGDB_APP_LOG =2 in bangdb.config, then you may tail the log file in which BangDB writes different ops logs. The log file is name (dbname).applog, for ex; it will be mydb.applog if the name of the db is mydb.
These log files are in the data/ folder

Pls see README to run the bench with different params