ResultSet API


ResultSet Type

Client API

BangDB returns set of data for query using ResultSet. ResultSet allows iteration over keys and values.





To create ResultSet object

To check data status
bool moreDataToCome();
To count the events
int count();
Checking for beginning
void begin(); void beginReverse();
To check for next event
bool hasNext();
To move to next event
void moveNext();
To get next key
FDT *getNextKey();
To get next value
FDT *getNextVal();
To get next stream key
char *getNextKeyStr();
To get length of next stream key
int getNextKeyLen();
To get next stream val
char *getNextValStr();
To get next stream val length
int getNextValLen();
To get size of next long key
long getNextKeyLong();
To get size of next long val
long getNextValLong();
To check if key is string type
bool isKeyString();
To check if the value is string type
bool isValString();
FDT *lastEvaluatedKey();
To delete ResultSet object
virtual ~ResultSet();

To create ResultSet object

public ResultSet(long rs)
To add document
public void addDoc(ResultSet rs, String orderBy)
To add resultset object
public void add(ResultSet rs, boolean byval)
To append Document
public void appendDoc(ResultSet rs, String orderBy)
To append ResultSet object
public void append(ResultSet rs)
To insert a document
public void intersectDoc(ResultSet rs, String orderBy)
To get next event key
public String getNextKeyStr()
To get next event value if string
public String getNextValStr()
To Reverse
public void beginReverse()
To get next event’s key if long To get next key if its long
public long getNextKeyLong()
To get next val if its string
public byte[] getNextVal()
To get next val if it's long
public long getNextValLong()
To check for next event
public boolean hasNext()
To move to next event
public void moveNext()
To count events
public int count()
To check is key string
public boolean isKeyStr(
To check is val string
public boolean isValStr(
To close ResultSet
public synchronized void clear()
To check if more data is inserted
public boolean moreDataToCome()
To search for a key
public byte[] searchValue(String key)