Hands On BangDB


Hands on BangDB

Tryouts different operations and play with the db

1. BangDB download and install

You may download BangDB in many different ways. Here are four ways in which BangDB binaries could be downloaded
a. download the tar file from
b. or, clone the github binary repo [ ]
c. or, simply use wget [ wget ] 
b. or, use docker image :

Check out the instructions at  server install  for detail info

2. To help you play with the DB

Download the doc and following the instruction


The doc covers many different use cases from DB to Stream to ML etc. You may get fairly good idea about the coverage.
However, to dig deeper, you may need to leverage other features as well

3. ML use cases

Few real world use cases are taken from Kaggle that can be easily solved on BangDB using CLI is attached as well 
Go to ML Usecase section to check it out

4. For YCSB benchmark

YCSB benchmark can be run and you may compare BangDB with other databases as well.
Please see BangDB YCSB benchmark for more information
Please also use and refer if you need more information on any front