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Delete a table

Method : DELETE
URI : /db/<dbname>/<table_name>


curl -X DELETE


   "msg": "successfully dropped the table"

Stream Processing : All stream related API starts with /stream

Register schema for stream processing

Method : POST
URI : /stream
Body :

{ schema doc }

Schema is a json doc which contains information about stream processing. Please see the details for the json doc here


curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"schema": "ecomm","streams":
[{"name":"visitor", "type":1, "swsz":86400,"inpt":[],"attr":
{"name":"items","type":9}]}]}' -X POST
Note: The schema doc is typically much bigger than what we are using here in example. Here we have extremely simplistic schema document.

Please check out the stream section of the document for details. Also, it’s rather easy to create schema for stream processing using CLI or dashboard


   "errcode": 0

Here is errcode is 0 then the operation is successful, we may get some messages but as long as errcode is 0, it means the registration was successful

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