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BangDBStreamManager Type

Client API for building apps

BangDBStreamManager provides ways to create necessary constructs to deal with streams in timeseries manner. It allows users to create stream, ingest data, define processing logic so that continuous ingestion and analysis can go on in automated manner.





To get instance of notification manager

  BangDBNotificationManager(BangDBEnv *env, int nthreads = 4);
This returns an instance of notification manager given reference to BangDBEnv and number of threads that should be given to the manager to manage the notifications.
See BangDBEnv for more details on the db environment

To create or register a notification
    int registerNotification(const char *notif_meta);
It takes notification metadata as input. Example of notification metadata
{"notifid":12345,"name":"notif1","msg":"users msg",,"pri":1,"mailto":[],"endpoints":[""],"schemaid":1234,"freq":1}
It returns -1 for error else 0

To drop or deregister a notification
    void deregisterNotification(long notifid, short state);
state = 0 means pause, 1 means activate, -1 means delete completely.
notifid is the unique id which the user has provided while registering the notification
This api puts the notification in the queue for processing
    int put(long notifid, long pkts, long orig_streamid, const char *notif);
pkts is the pk (timestamp) of the data which is in stream
This checks if notification is needed or not and if needed, then it queues the notifid for further work.
It return 0 for success
To get a list for notification generated based on given condition and filter query. This is exactly similar to scanDoc on BangDBTable. Please see DataQuery for more details on effective and right way of scan
    ResultSet *scanDoc(ResultSet *prev_rs, FDT *pk_skey = NULL, FDT *pk_ekey = NULL, const char *idx_filter_json = NULL, ScanFilter *sf = NULL);
It returns ResultSet if successful else NULL

To get a list of registered notifications, call this function. This takes filter query and can do recursive scans. See DataQuery for more details
    ResultSet *scanRegisteredNotif(ResultSet *prev_rs, FDT *pk_skey = NULL, FDT *pk_ekey = NULL, const char *idx_filter_json = NULL, ScanFilter *sf = NULL);
It returns NULL for error

To close Notification Manager
    void closeNotificationManager(CloseType ctype = DEFAULT_AT_CLIENT);
ClosedType is enum with following values;
Please see more on this at bangdb common

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