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Deploy BangDB on OpenShift/CPD

Deploy, Install and Run BangDB on OpenShift Platform

This document is a walk-through of the steps involved in deploying ‘BangDB’ database on OpenShift.
There are two ways to deploy BangDB on OS
METHOD 1 – Deploying BangDB on openshift using OC command line tool METHOD 2 – Deploying BangDB on openshift using the helm chart.
Details of each of these methods are given below;

Installation Requirements

To run a ‘BangDB’ database on OpenShift you need to:

a. Create an OpenShift cluster. (openshift version 4 and above is supported)
b. Configure command line tool ‘OC’ on the bastion node. [ METHOD 1 ]
c. Configure ‘helm’ (version 3.0+) and ‘git’ on the bastion node. (Required if you are deploying BangDB instance using helm [ METHOD 2 ]
Bastion node : This is the node from which you provision your OpenShift cluster
‘BangDB’ instance can be installed on an OpenShift cluster in several ways:
1. using oc command line tool [ METHOD 1 ]
2. using helm [ METHOD 2 ]

Create a namespace

You can deploy the ‘BangDB’ instance on a namespace of your choice. To create a namespace run the below command from bastion node.
[ Note: most probably you may have the namespace created, in that case just switch to namespace ]
oc create ns <namespace>
To switch to the new namespace/project, run the command below. This way you can select the new namespace to be used with subsequent commands.
oc project <namespace>
Let’s go to next next pages for METHOD1 or METHOD2 for deploying BangDB


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