Supported Platform for BangDB

Operating System

  • Linux
    • Supports the Ubuntu, Debian, Centos, Fedora, RedHat, SUSE etc... many distributions
    • OS version 2.6.X onwards
    • 32/64 bit
  • Windows
    • Vista onwards
    • 32/64 bit
    • 4, 4.5 CLR for C#
  • Mac
    • 10.9


  • C++, natively on Linux and Windows
  • C#, for windows
  • Java, for Linux and Windows

Other Requirements

BangDB has no other dependencies and requirements theoratically. However, there are some limitations from the platform architecture and resources availability side

  • On 32 bit, max size for buffer pool = 2GB. Note that there is no limit on database size if opened in persistent mode
  • If run totally in-memory mode then the data can't go beyond the available RAM on the machine (2GB for 32 bit)
  • On 64 bit, in-memory size is limited by the amount available RAM
  • But for persistent mode (backed by disk/ssd), there is no theoratical limit on the size of db, both on 32 or 64 bits machine