Install BangDB Server

Download BangDB

Download the tar file of BangDB server

Now un compress the download file

	> tar -xzvf bangdb-cs-linux-64-native-0.9.tar.gz
	# Or for 64 bits 
	> tar -xzvf bangdb-cs-linux-64-native-0.9.tar.gz 
	# go to the newly created folder;
	> cd bangdb-server

The downloaded files are

  • bangdb-server - executable, the BangDB server
  • bangdb.config - the configuration file
  • client-linux - directory which contains the BangDB Server client files for linux
    • - the client library which should be linked by the client apps
    • include - the directory which contains the include files for bangdb client which can be used by the client apps for apps for BangDB Server
    • - the install file for BangDB client
    • - the uninstall file for BangDB client
    • bangdb_bench - directory which contains ready to run bench file against the BangDB server
  • README - readme file for BangDB Server


Server Install

Install is not needed for BangDB server as it is comes as self contained executable

Client Install

The client apps will need client library available with the download in order to run against the server. User can keep the library locally or can just install it in the appropriate directory so that it can be linked without tracking the library and the include files

To install the client lib, just run the file

	> cd client-linux
	> sudo bash
	# It may ask for your password, please provide that

This basically copies the lib into /usr/local/lib and also copies the include dir to /usr/local/include

It also places bangdb-cmd, the command line tool into /usr/local/bin and soft link into /usr/bin

Running the sample/bench app

The download contains the bench app which can be run to test the installation and also the basic performance of the server

To run the sample test app do following;

	# first run the server in default mode
	> ./bangdb-server
	# from another terminal, go to clinet-linux/bangdb_bench and run the bench
	> ./bench
	# it will run number of put and get of number of key, value pairs and print results
	# to run with command arguments, do following 
	> ./bench 4 1000000 put
	# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
	#	usage: ./bench num_threads num_items put/get/all/overlap [factor(optional define only with overlap)]
	#  	factor > 1; the factor defines how much read and write
	#  	1/factor part write and rest read. ex; factor = 3, 33 percent write and 67 percent read
	# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

The example above takes all values from bangdb.config, however you can either edit the config file to set values according to your context or provide various parameters as command line arguments as stated in the master / slave document